AA6ED Software Library

Introduction of PSK31 version 2.11a with Baudot Support that allows you to use your mechanical teletype machine as a printer for received PSK31 data.

  • System Requirements:
    133MHz Pentium ( works on 486 but MUST have floating point processor)
    Windows 95/98/NT ( is a 32 bit Windows application )
    A soundcard that is supported by Windows.
    RS-232 COM port and TTY current loop driver

    Original 2.11 version by Moe Wheatley AE4JY <ae4jy@mindspring.com>

  • Enhanced with the following additions:
    RS-232 BAUDOT Code at 45 Baud (60 wpm)
    Separate RTS/DTR transmitter control

  • What you need to Run it
    Download the ZIP file.
    Create a directory and copy the WinPSK.exe and PSKCore.dll into it.
    Create a desktop Icon.
    Run the application.


George Hutchison


William Bytheway