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NCARTS members and associates filled to overflowing the banquet room at Spenger's in Berkeley, California, on the evening of March 30, 1963, to do honor to Maribel and "Buck" W6VPC Buchanan in appreciation of their untiring efforts given in behalf of Amateur Radio Teletype activties in the Greater Bay Area.

NCARTS, as an organization of active amateurs, interested in the advent of radio teletype, were inspired and aided in their efforts to "get on the air" and spread the teletype word to the far corners of the earth by the methods used and the example set by none other than 0l' Buck.

Only those of us who saw amateur radio teletype get its start in the Northern California area can appreciate Buck's activities. It is appropriate to say that had it not been for Maribel, the understanding and helpful wife of that intrepid usurper of her every nook and corner for teletype gear, there rhight not have been an NCARTS organization at all.

Buck would have delivered to his home a truck load of '26 machines in questionable condition. Between Maribel and himself, these were hauled up a rather steep incline to their rumpus room where immediate day and night tender and loving care was bestowed upon these tired old machines.

In the matter of a few weeks he would announce these Model 26 machines were ready to run again in first class shape. The clan gathered with that hungry look in their eyes and watched intently as Ol' Buck placed the serial numbers of the machines in a hat for the evening drawing.

In the meantime, Maribel was busy serving the specialties of the house, cookies, cake and coffee. Came next the drawing for the machines and the loading of these prizes into the back of cars for the trip home. No one knows how strong a ham is until one witnesses the perfect ease he displays when picking up a machine all by himself, carrying it down a precipitious hill and loading it unaided into the trunk compartment of his car.These forays to Bucks' home in Oakland for teletype equipment were the highlight of a ham's paradise for many months.

In the meantime, Maribel and Buck were spending the wee small hours preparing countless tapes for teletype bulletins that were forwarded and relayed all over the world for individual amateur information and bulletin board display in leading electronic supply centers. About 35 copies of these tapes were prepared and either mailed or relayed by others over the air on all of the available radio amateur frequencies.

The response was such to spur Buck into greater efforts to foster and acquaint the entire radio amateur society with this mode of transmission. To this end, Buck gave just too much of himself and was forced to take things a bit on the easy side, or else.

Highlighting the dinner in honor of Maribel and Buck were letters of congratulations from all corners of the world, ARRL, RTTY Society of Southern California, The Military Affiliate Radio System and others. These letters and exhibits were individually encapsulated between transparent sheets in a beautiful book suitably engraved "To Maribel and Buck, W6VPC for Your Teletype Memoirs."

From Buck's many friends in Colorado he received a beautiful Colorado Buck, a 1921 silver dollar minted in Denver and imbedded in a clear plastic block which was engraved "A Colorado Buck for 'Buck' from the Colorado Gang."

During the course of the ceremony several of the past presidents of NCARTS summarized and recalled the outstanding work both Maribel and Buck have performed for the benefit of NCARTS and all new radio amateurs interested in securing help and assistance in either teletype or any other phase of radio activities. Many of the testimonial letters were unanimous in saying that no other individual has done more for amateur radio teletype than has Buck.

As fitting for an expression of loyalty to NCARTS, a beautiful engraved life membership certificate to NCARTS with paid up dues card was presented to Buck. To this he responded in his own inimitable way to the delight of the group.

Climaxing the dinner meeting, there was presented to Maribel and Buck a large shield shaped plaque mounted on solid walnut and inscribed-Maribel and "Buck" W6VPC for Your Outstanding Efforts in Organizing and Supporting NCARTS -and dated March 30, 1963. A standing ovation was then given the honored member of NCARTS and Maribel who so well deserved the plaudits.


Photo and story from The June 1963 RTTY Journal, Page 12. Photo was on the cover.

Copyright George Hutchison, W7TTY & Bill Bytheway, K7TTY -- November 2011