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The type 4018 programmable counter is a useful digital tool, especially where a basic clock frequency must be divided down for various timing operations. With proper connections, divisors of from 2 through 10 may be configured.


The table shown below gives the connections. The odd divisors do not give symmetrical outputs, but close ratios, such as four-high, three-low for a divide-by-seven setup. Digital-to-Analog Conversion may also be studied by connecting the outputs as shown. Interesting waveforms may be obtained by trying out the various dividing connections, while tying an oscilloscope into the different resistor network junctions. With the circuit set for a divide-by-ten function, a digital sine wave may be discovered at certain points along the network. With clock frequencies above 1 KHz, this output may be heard on an audio amplifier. Computer Music, anyone?




Copyright by Bill Bytheway, K7TTY February 2012