Direction Indicator


Using an economy-type rotator with your TV, FM or ham beam-type antenna? Then you probably have a direction indicator thatís hard-to read, inaccurate, or in the case of homebrew rotators, probably non-existent. However, itís easy to add on a direction indicator using LEDs for readout. Referring to the schematic, note direction-sensing potentiometer R1. As its wiper moves away from ground potential, first LED 1 will light, then LED 2 will come on as LED 1 extinguishes; this process continues in numerical succession until finally LED 10 is the only lit LED.  Coupling the pot to your rotating antennaís shaft with pulleys and a belt allows the display of LEDs to respond to antenna position. The potentiometerís pulley should have a larger diameter than that of the antenna shaft because most potentiometers cannot rotate through a full 360į.


Copyright by Bill Bytheway, K7TTY February 2012