Capacitor Match-Maker


This useful, but simple circuit will allow you to match two capacitors or to tell if one has greater capacitance than the other. Suppose you have one capacitor of known value, say 1 uF. Put it where C1 is in the circuit. Suppose you have another capacity of some unknown value. Put it where C2 is in the circuit. Now flip S1 from “set” back to ground. Then press S2. If D1 goes off and D2 goes on, it means C2 is less than C1, like 0.5 uF. If D1 stays on and D2 off, it means C2 is equal or greater than C1. You can use this circuit to help you quickly sort through a pile of old capacitors. 


Personal note: If I replace C1 or C2 with binding posts, I can use a capacitance substitution box to bracket the value of an unknown capacitor.





Copyright by Bill Bytheway, K7TTY February 2012