Audible Logic Probe


Here is the old familiar logic probe but with a new twist. Instead of displaying logic status with LEDs, it does the job aurally. The logic-1 state, 2volts or greater, is signaled by a high tone. On the other hand, a low tone sounds to indicate the logic - 0 state, 0.8-volt or less. Inputs between 0.8 and 2-volts produce no output. (Note that this probe is designed especially for TTL and cannot be used for any other logic family.) The circuit requires a regulated 5-volt supply, which means that it can be powered by the same supply used by the TTL circuitry under test. Output can be taken from a miniature speaker, as shown in the schematic, or you may use a miniature earphone. Potentiometer Rll sets the output volume level.






Copyright by Bill Bytheway, K7TTY February 2012